The Course

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Hole by Hole

358 yards | Par 4 | Index 13

Hole 1

  • 358y
  • 348y
  • 336y
  • 333y

Nice gentle opening hole to ease you into your round. The key here is to avoid going left as you will definitely get blocked out by the large trees. Hit towards the bunker on the right and favour the right hand side of the green for your approach.

170 yards | Par 3 | Index 17

Hole 2

  • 170y
  • 145y
  • 125y
  • 100y

First one of our magnificent par 3s. It may look easy but choosing the right club is essential. A bunker and water await at the front of the green, with more water lurking at the back. A high shot onto the middle of the green is all that’s required.

524 yards | Par 5 | Index 11

Hole 3

  • 524y
  • 509y
  • 491y
  • 388y

Nice open fairway and a chance to hit the driver. Positioning the second shot is the vital. Long hitters may have an opportunity to reach the green in two. If laying up, leave yourself a comfortable distance and hit the middle of the green for a regulation par.

456 yards | Par 4 | Index 1

Hole 4

  • 456y
  • 438y
  • 428y
  • 387y

Now for a challenge! Accuracy is key off the tee. Find the fairway and don’t worry about the bunkers or out of bounds left. Second shot is a long and tough. Tricky green at the end of all that. It’s easy from here now that Index 1 is completed.

174 yards | Par 3 | Index 15

Hole 5

  • 174y
  • 159y
  • 153y
  • 144y

A downhill Par 3 which required great accuracy to find the putting surface. Any ball missing the green to the left will be swallowed up by the lateral water hazard.

429 yards | Par 4 | Index 3

Hole 6

  • 429y
  • 417y
  • 408y
  • 322y

A gentle dogleg right with water down the left side. Really tricky green with anything missed left generally finding the water. If you can’t reach the green in two, layup short of the bunkers and focus on pitching your third shot close. Four is a great score here.

374 yards | Par 4 | Index 5

Hole 7

  • 374y
  • 362y
  • 353y
  • 348y

Nice short par 4, but there must be something. Ah yes, a lake in front of the green! Hit down as close as you can to the water and try not to go past the flag. The green slopes from back to front, inspired by the 12th hole at Augusta National.

517 yards | Par 5 | Index 9

Hole 8

  • 517y
  • 492y
  • 465y
  • 443y

One of our signature holes with much risk and reward. A good drive will leave you approx. 200 yards to carry the water. If you’re not feeling brave, lay up as close as you can to the water leaving yourself a short iron. Take an extra club don’t squeeze the grip too tight!

398 yards | Par 4 | Index 7

Hole 9

  • 398y
  • 384y
  • 378y
  • 328y

A straightforward hole, however, the second shot plays longer than it looks. Can be very deceptive so just trust the yardage. Now also might be time for a quick drink, snack or some restocking of balls. Refreshments can even be ordered from the tee to be ready for collection!


On To The Back 9

395 yards | Par 4 | Index 10

Hole 10

  • 395y
  • 380y
  • 368y
  • 303y

Now for the easier of the two nines! Off the tee, bunkers line the fairway but don’t let that put you off, it’s of the widest fairways on the course. A very long green so make sure you pitch it well on, a little slope at the front stops everything.

380 yards | Par 4 | Index 6

Hole 11

  • 380y
  • 354y
  • 343y
  • 314y

A right to left tee shot is ideal here. The green is very narrow and well protected by bunkers. There is a little ridge running across the middle of the green making putting tricky if you’re on the wrong side. Get in trouble right or left, take your medicine.

474 yards | Par 5 | Index 18

Hole 12

  • 474y
  • 464y
  • 458y
  • 402y

A fantastic Par 5 which gives you a great chance to improve on your score. Very tempting to go for in two with the yardage. If you do, you have to be very careful. The green is well protected by bunkers and the water is closer to the green than you think.

194 yards | Par 3 | Index 12

Hole 13

  • 194y
  • 170y
  • 152y
  • 116y

A picture-perfect Par 3 which can play quite long. Don’t be short, as your ball could trickle all the way to the water. The further up the green you are, the easier your putt will be. Get the ball to pin high and you will have no difficulty making an easy par.

402 yards | Par 4 | Index 4

Hole 14

  • 402y
  • 393y
  • 383y
  • 336y

Deceptively narrow off the tee, OB guards the entire left-hand side of this hole. Hitting area is wider than it looks, but this hole demands an accurate tee shot, otherwise a bogey or worse almost always awaits. Once you reach the putting surface, you’ve a great chance of holing out.

165 yards | Par 3 | Index 14

Hole 15

  • 165y
  • 155y
  • 148y
  • 135y

The last of the par 3’s. 165 yards slightly uphill. Be mindful of the wind in this area, as it tends to swirl around. Take plenty of club, relax that grip pressure and enjoy the feeling of a pure strike. Well done, if you have played all the par 3’s well.

526 yards | Par 5 | Index 16

Hole 16

  • 526y
  • 505y
  • 430y
  • 413y

If you are able, open the shoulders and hit a nice gentle fade, avoid the bunkers on the left as they eliminate the green in 2. The longest green on the course at 43 yards so club selection for the approach is vital. A great time to make a birdie.

512 yards | Par 5 | Index 8

Hole 17

  • 512y
  • 502y
  • 492y
  • 431y

The last of the par 5’s. Don’t be greedy, three smooth shots and you should be there. Place your second shot between the bunkers leaving a short iron for your third. The OB to the left and back of the green is closer than it looks. Par is a good score here.

458 yards | Par 4 | Index 2

Hole 18

  • 458y
  • 443y
  • 425y
  • 400y

Now to finish in style. Take a deep breath and let the drive go. Keep the second shot to the left-hand side and avoid that water on the right. One of best closing holes in Irish golf! A par here will make dinner in our Lír Restaurant taste even more incredible!